BC.Game Online Casino in Nigeria

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of BC.Game Nigeria, a premier destination in the online casino landscape that's garnered a substantial following within the Nigerian gaming community. This guide is dedicated to unpacking the distinctive aspects, diverse game offerings, and robust security protocols that distinguish BC.Game from the competition. We'll take a closer look at the experiences of players, the payment solutions designed for Nigerian gamers, and the efficient support infrastructure that promises a smooth gaming journey.
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Explore a wide section of games and betting options at BC.Game.

BC.Game Advantages

In the competitive world of online casinos, it is paramount that a platform excels in distinct areas to appeal to and retain players. BC.Game stands out thanks to a wealth of features that form an attractive package for a wide variety of players. Here are the reasons BC.Game is different from the rest:

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Play Online Casino Games

Dive into the vibrant world of online casino games with BC.Game, where a rich selection awaits every gaming aficionado. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of slots or the immersive experience of live dealer games, BC.Game’s expansive lineup is tailored to satisfy varied tastes.

Try the BC.Game slots.


BC.Game takes the concept of slot gaming to a whole new level, intertwining state-of-the-art technology with trustworthiness. Each slot game is powered by advanced Random Number Generators (RNGs), ensuring that every spin is a fair and independent event, in line with the principles of provably fair gaming. This means your chances of winning are always fair and unbiased, no matter how many times you play.

The slots at BC.Game are crafted by leading developers in the industry such as EGaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Ezugi, and Vivo Gaming, who consistently perform rigorous security checks to ensure a secure gambling environment. Rest assured, your personal information is well-protected against any third-party intrusions, offering you a safe and private gaming experience.

Take a spin at BC.Game and unlock a realm of vivid slots and boundless opportunities to win.

Try BC.Game blackjack


Blackjack at BC.Game goes beyond the usual game of chance, transforming into a strategic duel where every choice can significantly influence the outcome. With its exceptional balance of luck and strategy, blackjack is highly favored by those who enjoy the strategic aspect of gaming, rivaling even poker in this regard.

Unlike purely luck-based games, blackjack challenges you to engage in critical thinking and apply your strategic insight. You’ll need to make thoughtful decisions based on the cards in your hand and the dealer’s upcard. This strategic dimension enriches the game, making it an especially rewarding experience for those with a knack for tactics.

Step into the realm of blackjack at BC.Game, where your strategic acumen could lead to triumphant victories.

Try roulette BC.Game


BC.Game’s Roulette brings to life the classic charm of the European roulette variant. This version is distinguished by its single-zero wheel, offering more favorable odds to players than its American counterpart with a double-zero setup. The game’s straightforward nature, coupled with the range of betting strategies it supports, makes it an appealing choice for both beginners and experienced gamblers alike.

The thrill of watching the wheel spin, waiting with bated breath as the ball finds its resting place in one of the numbered pockets, is truly unparalleled. Each round is a fusion of excitement and the unpredictable nature of chance.

Place your bets on the roulette wheel at BC.Game and watch as fortune spins your way.

Try poker BC.Game

Online Poker

BC.Game brings the essence of poker to life, creating an inviting space for both seasoned aficionados and those new to the game. The platform prides itself on a clean and intuitive interface, eliminating any distractions and allowing you to focus solely on your cards and the flow of the game. This ensures an immersive poker experience where every hand counts.

You won’t be bothered by any background music, allowing you to fully concentrate on strategizing and making informed decisions. The straightforward display of poker hands and the payout structure means you’re always in the loop, ready to play your next move wisely.

Step up to the poker tables at BC.Game, where the thrill of strategy and the joy of competition come alive.

Try BC.Game Live casino section.

Live Casino

BC.Game’s Live Casino ushers the vibrant atmosphere of a casino floor right onto your screen, complete with live dealers for real-time gaming. This elevated experience transports you into the heart of classic table games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, mirroring the physical casino vibe but with the added convenience of online accessibility. The dynamic interaction with live dealers and fellow players introduces a communal dimension to your gaming, enriching the authenticity and engagement of your online casino adventure. Streamed in high-definition from top-notch studios, these live games offer an impeccably smooth and interactive environment, allowing you to soak in the casino excitement from the comfort of your own home.

Experience the thrill of a real casino from the comfort of your home with BC.Game’s live dealer games.

Quick Registration at BC.Game

Embarking on the journey of exploring the wide array of gaming options at BC.Game begins with a straightforward registration process. This initial step is your gateway to a world of entertainment, where variety and excitement meet the comfort of your own home. To ensure a seamless start, follow these detailed steps for registration:

Speps for quick registration at BC.Game.
  1. Locate the Registration Area: Upon your arrival at BC.Game, the platform warmly invites you to become part of the community. The “Register” button is prominently displayed, making it easy for you to initiate the registration process.
  2. Choose Your Registration Method: Once you’ve found and selected the “Register” button, you’ll be presented with a variety of registration options. BC.Game values your convenience, allowing you to choose from email, phone number, or social network-based registration. Select the method that best suits your preferences.
  3. Enter Your Details: After selecting your preferred registration method, you will be prompted to provide the necessary information. This includes your chosen username, a valid email address or phone number (depending on the method selected), and other relevant details. It’s also the perfect time to craft a strong password to secure your account, ensuring your gaming experience is both safe and enjoyable.
  4. Complete the Registration: With all the required information filled in, the final step is to confirm your registration. By clicking the “Register” button once more, you affirm your desire to join the BC.Game community and agree to the terms and conditions of the platform.

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How to Log In

Getting started with BC.Game is straightforward once your account is set up. For existing members, logging in is just a few clicks away from plunging into the heart of gaming excitement. Here’s a simple guide to accessing your account and diving back into the action:

First step for signing in BC.Game

Step 1: Find the “Login” Button

Begin by locating the “Login” button, conveniently placed at the end of this section. This button is your entry point to your account and the thrilling world of BC.Game.

Second step for signing in BC.Game.

Step 2: Enter Your Credentials

Upon clicking the “Login” button, you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll need to fill in two essential details. First, input the phone number or email linked to your account in the designated field. Then, enter your password in the next field. For added convenience, you have the option to log in using your Telegram, Google, or WhatsApp accounts. If you happen to forget your password, there’s no need to worry. Simply click the “forgot password” link below the login fields, and you’ll be guided through the steps to create a new one, ensuring you’re never locked out of your gaming adventures.

Third step for signing in BC.Game

Step 3: Confirm and Enjoy

After entering your login information, hit the confirmation button to complete the login process. Once inside, a vast array of games and the vibrant BC.Game community await your participation.

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Account Verification at BC.Game in Nigeria

To engage in real money gaming at BC.Game in Nigeria, a critical step is completing the account verification process. This ensures a secure and compliant gaming environment, aligning with regulatory requirements and enhancing the safety of your gaming experience. Here’s a detailed guide to navigating the verification procedure:

  1. Accessing Verification Settings: Begin by signing into your BC.Game account. Navigate to the “Global Settings” tab located within your account dashboard. This section houses various account settings and preferences.
  2. Initiating Personal Verification: Within the “Global Settings” area, locate and select the “Personal Verification” section. This will direct you to the verification page, where you can begin the process of verifying your identity.
  3. Entering Personal Data: The first step of the verification process involves providing your personal details. Fill in the necessary information accurately, including your full name, date of birth, and any other required personal information. This step is crucial for establishing the legitimacy of your account.
  4. Facial Verification: Following the entry of your personal data, you’ll proceed to the facial verification stage. This typically involves using your webcam or mobile camera to capture a live image of your face. Ensure that your face is clearly visible and well-lit for accurate verification.
  5. Government ID Submission: The final step involves uploading a government-issued ID. This could be your national ID card, passport, or driver’s license. Make sure the scanned or photographed image is clear, with all relevant information easily readable. This step is essential for confirming your identity and legal eligibility to participate in online gaming.

By completing these steps, you will have fulfilled the necessary requirements for account verification at BC.Game, paving the way for a secure and enjoyable real money gaming experience. Remember, this process not only complies with regulatory standards but also protects your account and personal information.

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How to Place Bets on BC.Game?

For those passionate about sports and betting, BC.Game provides an excellent platform to engage with and bet on your favorite sports events. The homepage features a detailed schedule of upcoming sports events, making it easy for you to pick your preferred competition and place your bets. With a wide range of sports like cricket, tennis, football, soccer, and more, BC.Game caters to all your betting needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Steps for placing a bet on BC.Game
  1. Log In or Sign Up: Before diving into betting, you need to have an active account. If you’re new to BC.Game, go through the registration process to create your account. If you’re an existing user, simply log in to proceed.
  2. Deposit Funds: Ensure your account has sufficient funds for placing bets. If you need to top up, navigate to the deposit section and add funds using your preferred method. BC.Game offers various deposit options for your convenience.
  3. Select a Sport: Visit the sports betting section on the main page to explore the available sports. Browse through and select the sport you wish to bet on.
  4. Choose Your Bet Type: Upon selecting a sport, you’ll see the different events and matches available. You’ll also find various bet types such as moneyline, point spreads, over/under, and more. Pick the bet type that matches your betting strategy.
  5. Set Your Bet Amount: Decide on the amount you wish to wager. Enter the betting amount, keeping in mind responsible gaming practices.
  6. Place Your Bet: Double-check your selections and the bet amount to ensure everything is correct. Once you’re ready, confirm and place your bet. 

Dive into the exciting world of sports betting at BC.Game, where a wide array of sports and betting options awaits you. Place your bets now and be part of the thrilling action.

Current Promotions at BC.Game

BC.Game is renowned for offering an array of enticing promotions designed to enhance the gaming experience for both new and returning players. These bonuses not only serve to welcome new members to the platform but also to extend the playtime and potential winnings of all participants. Below, we detail some of the popular promotions and shitcodes currently available at BC.Game:

Welcome Bonus

explore BC.Game's welcome offer

Begin your journey with BC.Game’s Welcome Bonus, a generous offer that can enhance your initial deposits by up to 300%. This exclusive bonus is available to claim within the first 20 minutes of registration, making your first steps into the world of BC.Game even more exciting. It’s an ideal way to maximize your playing potential right from the start.

Claim your Welcome Bonus now and start your BC.Game adventure with a bang!

First Deposit Bonus

The excitement continues with BC.Game’s structured First Deposit Bonus system, designed to reward your initial four deposits with escalating bonus percentages, culminating in a total of up to 1200% in bonuses. This tiered approach ensures that your early gaming experience is filled with additional chances for fun and wins.

Bonus Breakdown:

Deposit NumberBonus PercentageMaximum Bonus Amount
First Deposit180%₦28,200,000 or equivalent
Second Deposit240%₦56,400,000 or equivalent
Third Deposit300%₦84,7,000 or equivalent
Fourth Deposit360%₦141,100,000 or equivalent

Each deposit unlocks a new level of bonus, offering a significant boost to your playing funds. This structured bonus system is tailored to provide a continuous stream of rewards, keeping the excitement alive as you explore all that BC.Game has to offer.

Don’t miss out on your chance to claim up to 1200% in bonuses with BC.Game’s First Deposit Bonus – start depositing and winning today!

Payment Methods on BC.Game Website

At BC.Game, flexibility is key when it comes to withdrawing funds, offering users the choice between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. While cryptocurrencies are widely available for withdrawal, it’s important to note that fiat withdrawals may not be possible in all currencies. For instance, withdrawals in euros are not supported.

Why Use Cryptocurrency?

Available cryptocurrency options at BC.Game.

Cryptocurrency offers several advantages over traditional fiat currencies, including enhanced security, decentralization, and fast transactions. With BC.Game supporting more than 50 cryptocurrencies, ranging from popular options like Bitcoin (BTC) to rarer alternatives like XEN and TRX, users have ample choice to tailor their transactions to their preferences. Additionally, the inclusion of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) further expands the possibilities for users to transact securely and efficiently.

Deposit on BC.Game to play and bet.

How to Deposit Funds

To deposit funds into your BC.Game account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your BC.Game account and navigate to the “Wallet” section. Select the Deposit option.
  2. Choose the currency you wish to deposit from the available options, including USDT and various cryptocurrencies such as DOGE, BTC, and more.
  3. A unique deposit address for your selected currency will be generated. Copy this address.
  4. Transfer the desired amount from your cryptocurrency wallet to the deposit address you copied earlier. Ensure that you meet the minimum deposit requirement.
  5. Congratulations, you’ve successfully made a deposit! If you’re a new user, you’ll automatically receive a 300% bonus on your first deposit.

For detailed instructions on depositing and withdrawing funds, we invite you to explore the relevant sections of the BC.Game platform. 

Start enjoying the benefits of cryptocurrency transactions today!

Download BC.Game App

Experience the convenience of gaming on the go with the BC.Game mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices. For those who value their time and seek seamless access to their favorite casino games, the BC.Game app provides a unique opportunity to enjoy a premium gaming experience anytime, anywhere.

Android App

Android users can access the BC.Game mobile app seamlessly, as it operates as a web app, sparing users from the hassle of downloading or installing extra files. To set up the BC.Game app on your Android device, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Launch your preferred browser on your Android device.
  2. Navigate to the BC.Game website.
  3. If you already have an account, log in; otherwise, create a new account to get started.
  4. Access the App from the Menu section on the website.
  5. Tap the menu button, then choose “Install app” from the list popup, enabling you to add the BC.Game app to your home screen effortlessly.

Start enjoying the BC.Game experience on your Android device today – access your favorite casino games with just a few taps!

Install the BC.Game app on your Android
Install the BC.Games app on your iPhone

iOS App

iOS users can conveniently access the BC.Game casino app, which operates as a web app, offering hassle-free access without the need for downloading from the App Store. Follow these steps to set up the BC.Game app on your iOS device:

  1. Start by opening your preferred browser on your iOS device.
  2. Direct your browser to the BC.Game website.
  3. Log in with your existing BC.Game account or sign up if you’re new to the platform.
  4. Find the App option in the Menu section of the website.
  5. Tap the menu button and select “Install app” from the list popup to effortlessly add the BC.Game app to your home screen.

Get started with the BC.Game app on your iOS device and enjoy the convenience of gaming wherever you are – try it now!

BC.Game Support in Nigeria

At BC.Game, we prioritize delivering exceptional support to our users in Nigeria. Whether you encounter technical issues or have general inquiries, our dedicated support team is here to assist you promptly and effectively. We offer various channels for contacting support, including email, online chat, and Telegram, ensuring that you can reach out to us through your preferred method. Our support services are available round-the-clock, 24/7, so you can seek assistance at any time convenient for you. Additionally, our technical support is provided in multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base in Nigeria. Whether you speak Indonesian, English, Filipino, Japanese, or any other language, our team is ready to assist you in resolving any problems you may encounter while using BC.Game. Your satisfaction and smooth gaming experience are our top priorities, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality support to address any concerns you may have.


What types of casino games does BC.Game offer?

BC.Game offers a diverse range of casino games, including slots, table games, live casino games, and more. With over 2000 games available, players can enjoy a wide variety of options to suit their preferences.

How can I be sure that BC.Game is fair and reliable?

BC.Game is committed to ensuring fairness and transparency in all gaming activities. Our platform utilizes Provably Fair technology, providing players with the ability to verify the fairness of each game round. Additionally, BC.Game holds an official license from Curacao (#5536/JAZ), further affirming our commitment to compliance and player protection.

When was BC.Game established?

BC.Game was established in 2017, making it a well-established and trusted platform in the online gaming industry. With several years of experience, BC.Game has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality gaming experiences to players worldwide.

What languages is customer support available in?

BC.Game offers customer support in multiple languages, including English, Indonesian, Filipino, Japanese, and more. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist players with any questions or concerns they may have.

Can I play on BC.Game from Nigeria?

Yes, BC.Game welcomes players from Nigeria and many other countries around the world. As long as online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction, you can enjoy the exciting gaming experience offered by BC.Game.

What currencies are accepted on BC.Game?

BC.Game accepts various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and more. Players can also use stablecoins like USDT for their transactions, providing flexibility and convenience.

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